Do you want to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, sleep better, or find strength and resilience in these challenging times?

How about short-circuiting procrastination, making breathroughs or finding your spark?

Moodtopia helps you with the necessities of heart and mind with a unique combination of environmental psychology, biophilia, and mindset guidance.

My focus is on fostering a sense of emotional well-being through a healthy and uplifting home environment. I believe that this kind of home not only makes people feel better, but sparks clarity and a fresh outlook.

Mood + Mindset

Your home is a tool that you can use to help change your moods and mindset. I created short courses presenting mind, body, home “prescriptions”. They’ll give you an expansive array of tools for calming anxiety, gaining a sense of control, and finding direction in life, in practical, concrete ways. Learn how to set up your home to make your whole life feel better. 


Moodtopia spaces include the use of biophila and environmental psychology to help people achieve total well-being.

Break the boundary between indoors and outdoors. Makes nature part of everyday life regardless of where you live. It brings lowered stress levels, improved concentration, and an overall sense of happiness.


a visual connection to nature

Textures and shapes found in nature encourage stress reduction, concentration, and a deep sense of comfort. Create a deep tactile experience with natural textures. Source materials that reflect local geology.

Natural Forms

shapes, textures, patterns

Connection with nature through other senses: Taste goes with smell in an inviting eating area. Certain plants and flower scents influence healing the process.

Taste + Smell

natural, health-promoting

Incorporate local plant material that reflects the local ecology for a more authentic decor. Gather responsibly and sustainably from your surroundings for arrangements and displays.

From Nature


Everyone needs to have the full-spectrum of sunlight everyday to feel 100%. Air should be free of toxins and fresh and free of toxins. Ideally both sunlight and fresh air should be able to flow freely from open windows.

Light + Air

healthy, healing, fresh

Use color to guide moods and mindset. Incorporate specific colors in decor with accessories and paint color.


change moods + mindset

More than aesthetics, how you feel at the deepest level has to do a lot with energy. Free-flowing, healthy energy will help you out of a funk.


flow, movement, space

Being connected to nature is to be in sync with the rhythm of natural systems. Change up decor along with changes in the seasons. Keep spaces minimal and use natural materials.

Natural Systems

be in sync with the seasons

Private Consultations

Virtual Design and Organizing Consultations are the best way to improve your home in the shortest period of time. Receive room-by-room design for well-being recommendations.

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Find the right essential oils to balance your

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